The Nimble Networks workshop series will be held in seven regions across the state. The series is broken into three separate sessions, each with it's own unique, real-world scenario designed to get planners and decision makers thinking about how the next generation of communications tools can be leveraged during emergent events. Individuals wishing to particpate in this workshop series must attend all three sessions. Workshops dates and times are subject to change, so please check back for updates.
Region1 Session1
Region1 Session2
Region1 Session3
Region2 Session1
Region2 Session2
Region2 Session3
Region3 Session1
Region3 Session2
Region3 Session3
Region4 Session1
Region4 Session2
Region4 Session3
Region5 Session1
Region5 Session2
Region5 Session3
Region6 Session1
Region6 Session2
Region6 Session3
Region7 Session1
Region7 Session2
Region7 Session3